By commissioning me in any way, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service! Please adhere to these terms, carefully, before hiring me for the commission work. 

You MUST be 18+ years of age to request a commission from me!

I look forward to working with you! 

My commissions are not for commercial use Art nor I am not taking any at this time!

I am currently taking at LEAST 5-to-6 clients at a time; I do not hold slots, but I have a waiting list!

I do NOT set deadlines and I do NOT offer rushed work. Please understand that I put an amount of time and effort into my piece. These pieces take time.


  • Commission prices are subject to change based on the demand

  • I reserve the RIGHT to turn down your commission for ANY reason!

  • Clients & Commissioners WILL NOT mint/sell anything that is commissioned from me for NFTS!

  • I do NOT accept NFTS under ANY Circumstances!


  • Payments are made Upfront through via PayPal in USD currency ONLY!

  • ***NOTE: Paypal charges a fee of $3.20, if you see an increased price for the commission you paid for in the invoice, it is to pay the EXACT amount to match the commission price.

  • Increment payments can be made if you cannot afford to pay the commission in full! At least 50% of the down payment is made, however payment increments can be made available ONLY for $175 - $225 commissions!

I will respond to any email within 48 hours, and will be sending updates!

The Client will be contacted via Email/Twitter/Discord/Instagram

An invoice is needed to be confirmed of the prices before I send the client a PayPal invoice for the initial down payment



Time-Frame for commissions are listed as such depending on the commission type!

Colored Sketch Commissions with no backgrounds take 1-2 weeks to completion

Complex Commissions (Full-Renditions, Cell-Shade) with detailed backgrounds are around 2-4 weeks to a month!

  • Updates are issued every Saturday!

  • Updates will be issued if I need more time.

It also depends on the slots I have to complete at a time.


M/T/W/T/F...... 8:30 AM-5 PM [40 hours per week]

Sat-Sun........ Days off


M/T/W/T/F........ 6 PM-11 PM [4-hour minimum]

Saturday......... 9 AM-5 PM [8-hour minimum]

Sunday........ 1 PM-9 PM [8-hour minimum]

**NOTE: My freelance work hours vary, due to having a very busy life, my weekends are limited. However, I try to work around my weekend schedule as much as I can. Normally, the weekends are considered my 'Rest Days' from the long and grueling hours of having a full-time job.

This will also depend on the many unfortunate factors such as:

Mental Health, Order of Commission, Complexity of Commission, Work, School, or Personal Issues


  • You get 3 rounds of changes on the commissioned piece included in the price.

  • A fee will be added if you want something changed on the final drawing - unless a misunderstanding from my side has been made.

  • If you wish for me to change something in the drawing you have previously approved, I will charge you a fee to change it. The amount of the extra charge depends on the change you want me to make and is usually based on an hourly wage.

  • If your reference is unclear to start with changes will come at an extra charge.


  • The buyer is not allowed a refund once I started working on the commission.

  • If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a full refund.

  • 50% Refund will be provided once the sketch has been started

  • 50% Refund will be provided once the flat colors have been added

  • 100% Refunds will be provided due to unexpected factors: Mental Health, Order of Commission, Complexity of Commission, Work, School, or Personal Issues

  • If you request a Paypal chargeback at any point when you were not allowed to ask for a refund you will lose all beforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the chargeback and supply Paypal with our conversations in which we talk about the commission as evidence that I have completed work for you. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted for commissioning me again.


  • I, Levana (the artist):

  • I reserve the right to cancel and refund the order at any time for any reason.

  • I retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork.

  • I will NOT claim the intellectual property (IP) of the commissioned artwork.

  • I will NOT profit further from the commissioned artwork unless you (the customer) break any of the terms.

  • I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork online, in my portfolio as well as in publications such as art books.

  • You (the customer/commissioner):

  • You may upload the commissioned artwork on any website and social channels.

  • You may NOT make profits from the commissioned piece (reselling, redistributing, uploading to POD-services, make prints, etc.)

  • You may NOT alter the commissioned artwork without my (the artist's) consent.

  • You MAY be allowed to sell the artwork if it is a part of an Adoptable. Please discuss this with me prior to paying for the artwork.

  • You retain the rights to the intellectual property (IP).

  • You may NOT use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes.

  • The following is considered copyright infringement:​

  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially - means making money off it in any way not excluded from these terms.

  • Claiming the artwork as your own

  • Altering the artwork without my consent

  • In some cases, the commercial rights to the image may be purchased.


Once you have decided to commission me, you are agreeing to the Terms of Services as stated above. If you, The Client, did not read the TOS, I will not be responsible got your misconception. 

I reserve the RIGHT to turn down your commission for ANY reason.

Please, do not commission me if you cannot handle the wait time! Understand that I have full intention to finish what you paid for. From here on, once payment is received you do understand that it will take me time to finish your commission according to the time frame of work and the order in which it was received!

Multiple Requests Available upon approval! Each commission will be priced separately per price list!